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Volunteer BC required a number of materials for their communications needs, and we have been their designer for a number of years. The designs we have provided include:

Volunteer BC website

Volunteer BC website

This website is maintained by Volunteer BC.

BC State of Volunteering Report website

BC State of Volunteering Report website - new version is in design now.

Click here to visit site.

BC State of Volunteering Report

BC State of Volunteering Report

Click to see report.

Volunteer BC Annual Reports

Annual Reports

See below for more info.


Volunteer BC Annual Reports

The Volunteer BC annual reports were given a new look since 2009. The reports are designed to be a set through the years, and each year, the cover features winning photos of the National Volunteer Week Photo Contest.

We also designed a matching bookmark for the 2007-2008 annual report.

Printing of the report is donated, therefore there is a restriction on how many pages the report can contain, and the content pages are always black and white.

Volunteer BC Annual Reports




Northwest Passage Hall of Fame

Pathways Clubhouse

Supporting Families Website

New Directions Website

BC Schizophrenia Society Annual Report

Volunteer Burnaby Annual Report

Volunteer Grandparents Annual Report

BC State of Volunteering Website

Touchstone Designs

Eating Together Campaign


Volunteer BC

Volunteer Burnaby

Afghan Unsung Heroes Exhibition

VSB Aboriginal Education Agreement

Vancouver School Board District Plan

BC Culturally Welcoming Program

St. Alban's Community Meals

BC Common Ground Alliance (DigSafe)

Vancouver Shaughnessy Lions Club

Aboriginal Mother Center

Women Making A Difference

Jasmine Society


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