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Updated Aug 03, 2016

  • Just wrapped up Vancouver Maritime Museum Firework nigth fundraising gala. Scroll down Twitter feed to see video!
  • Working on some grants for H.R. MacMillan Space Centre
  • BC Schizophrenia Society Strengthening Family Together Frist Nations Edition design is close to completion
  • Just completed Volunteer Burnaby & Volutneer Grandparent Annual Report
  • for Richmond Addiction is still going strong!

Community Campaigns

Touchstone Eating Together 2013

Community Campaigns are a good way to engage the community and raise awareness to various causes. Touchstone"s Eating Together Camapaign, is an example of a week-long community campaign we organized.

Watch Chef Vikram Vij's cooking demo at the Media Reception of Touchstone Family Association.

Gala Events

Vancouver Maritime Museum Firework Fundraising Gala

Vancouver Maritime Museum's Evening at the Museum on Firework night is the most recent fundraising gala organized. Programs include live and silent auction, Drum Cafe interactive drumming, with the Honda Celebration of Light as a finale!.

Promotion Activities

BCSS Digital Sign

In addition to fundraising, we also work on initiatives such as digital signs on highways, organizing donors and volunteers appreciation events, and designing annual reports and other marketing & program pieces for organizations such as BC Schizophrenia Society

Click here to learn more about BC Schizophrenia Society.


BC New Directions for Non-Profits

Designs for print and digital campaigns are part of a marketing & fundraising strategy. We've worked on many design initiatives that helped raise funds and awareness..

Click here to see more examples.

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